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Quick Time Pass — Terms and Conditions

Quick Time Pass aims to provide quality tuition with students at the heart at what we do. Our mission is to pass every student as quickly and efficiently as possible while meeting DVSA requirements. We are looking to expand our existing network of instructors, ensuring each employed instructor is DVSA qualified and provides nothing but quality, hands-on tuition. 

Once you begin to schedule in lessons with your instructor, you will then liaise and book further lesson with that individual as they will be self-employed and independent from Quick Time Pass. Quick Time Pass’ role is to merely assist you with a suitable Driving Instructor who will provide you with tuition. (suited by location, transition, gender, etc).

By booking with us, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.


1.   Driving Courses 

2. Once you decide to go ahead and select a course with Quick Time Pass, we will send you a form which needs to be completed online. This will be sent either by email or SMS. 

3. While Quicktime Pass will provide all the required training and support to aid you to pass your driving test, we do not guarantee a pass as you are required to apply your skills and knowledge to obtain a pass. 


2. Payment 

1. Once you make a booking You will be required to make a payment of £150 which will act as a non-refundable deposit. This payment will be deducted from the overall fee.

2. Full payment is required 5 working days before the date of the test.

4. Payments will be made to Quick Time Pass, after deducting admin fees we will pay the Driving Instructor. 

5. No separate payments need to be made to the instructors; Quick Time Pass will take care of that. 

6. All refunds will be made to the source of payment, whether it be the card the original payment was made on or cash in hand. 

7. Once you have been allocated an instructor all tuition fees automatically become non-refundable. 



3.   Administration Fees Cover:

1. Accommodating a Driving Instructor for you & Scheduling in lessons 

2. the lesson fee from the Driving Instructor 

3. the practical driving test fee; if applicable

4. The fee does not include the value of a theory test. This can be booked for you separately, costing £35. 



4. Lessons 

1. For any tuition to take place you must have a valid UK Provisional licence; this must be shown to your Driving Instructor on your very first lesson. You are also required to bring it along to your practical test, failure to present it will result in your tuition/test being immediately cancelled and you would not be entitled to a refund. 

2. You have 3 months to begin your tuition, if you fail to begin lessons and get booked in within this period you will lose your deposit. If you have an agreement with Quick Time Pass to begin tuition at a later stage than 3 months this would be void. 

3. All lessons should be booked directly via your Driving Instructor, this includes the start, end time, as well as the pick-up and drop off location. 

4. Should you arrive later than your agreed lesson time, the Driving Instructor will not be obliged to add more time on to the end of your lessons to make up for any lost time, 

5. Should you fail to attend a lesson; your tutor will be keeping the cost of the full missed lesson. 

6.During your lesson, should your Driving Instructor deem it necessary for you to take a break for the safety of yourself and them, (in line with the DVSA guidelines) this time will be included within your allocated time and will not be added onto the end of the lesson 

7. Tuition/courses booked in your name cannot be transferred or passed onto any third person, 

8. Your lessons will be booked in line with your instructor’s availability. 

9. Once you agree and commit to a course, you will be held liable to clear the full balance. Partial payments can be accepted, however (as mentioned above) full payment needs to be made at least 5 working days before the date of the practical test. Failure to make full payment will mean you will not be able to attend the test. All fees not paid will remain outstanding and you will be liable. Failure to pay in due course would lead to Quick Time Pass taking legal action.


6. Cancellation or Rearrangement of Lessons and/or Tests 

1. All of our Driving Instructors are self-employed, so any cancellations or rearrangements need to be made via them and you do not need to contact Quick Time Pass. All instructors have their own guidelines and policies regarding cancellations, so please ensure you act by following them. 


2. Quick Time Pass requires a full 5 day notice period for the cancellation of a test date. Should you fail to provide us with a 5 day notice period Quick Time Pass will require you to pay the full fee for the test when rebooking, as well as the admin fee of £15. 


3. If you decided to rearrange your agreed test date, Quick Time Pass will need an admin fee of £15.00. 


4. Once you have made a full payment, you cannot opt for a lower grade course and must continue with the chosen course.  


5. Pausing your course is an option, but the start and end time of the pause must be agreed with your driving instructor. 


7. Driving Instructors 

1. Quick Time Pass will only ever assign you a fully qualified, DVSA approved Driving Instructor. 

2. Offensive behaviour or language towards our Driving Instructors will not be tolerated, such behaviours may result in your course being cancelled with no refund given.

3. Your Driving Instructor can refuse to proceed on with your lessons if they have any reasonable doubt to suggest you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This includes any medication which would cause you to feel drowsy or impact your driving ability.  


4. If your Driving Instructor feels you do not meet the standard which would suggest you are ready for your test, they can refuse to take you. 


5. You will not have a choice of changing your Driving Instructor unless Quick Time Pass deem it necessary 


6. Wherever possible Quick Time Pass will aim to match your choices regarding Driving Instructors, e.g., the car used for lessons, car transmission, gender etc. Quick Time Pass can only match any preferences that have been declared/ requested.    


7. Quick Time Pass does not guarantee to satisfy your preference regarding your Driving Instructor’s: gender; car make; car model; or car fuel type unless otherwise agreed.


5. Practical Driving Tests 

1. While Quick Time Pass will aim to obtain a test date to match your demand and requirement, we cannot guarantee any date until it has been booked and secured. 

2. An additional fee must be paid for a test booked during the weekend, of £15. 



8. Use of Personal Data 


1. Any personal data given to Quick Time Pass from you will be kept in line with the Data Protection Act 1998. 

2. Your data will be used for a Driving Instructor to contact you regarding the booking of lessons or test. 

3. To action any payments for fees of courses/ tests. 

4. Quick Time Pass would only pass on your data to 3rd parties where the law permits or needs us to do so,  


9. Behaviour


1. Offensive behaviour or language targeted towards our Driving Instructors or any of our staff will not be tolerated, such behaviours may result in your course being cancelled with no refund given. Your deposit would become non-refundable and any remaining balance/time for the course would be cancelled 



10. Cooling off/ Cancellation Period

1. Quick Time Pass will allow a grace period of 14 days once the full payment has been made. If you change your mind and wish to cancel for whatever reason you are fully within your rights and would be entitled to a full refund, however, the deposit would remain non-refundable.  

2. If you return to us after cancelling within the 14 days, you will not be given another cooling-off period. 


Complaints procedure

We take all customer complaints received seriously. Should you wish to make a complaint, please email us at complaints@quicktimepass.co.uk. We will ensure to respond to and investigate all complaints within a reasonable time frame.


T&C For Driving Instructors


  1. Instructors are required to complete the full duration of the course with their student, before Quick Time Pass pays them.
  2. As mentioned above Quick Time Pass will be taking the payments from the students, they will transfer the fund owed to the instructor once student has been on their test or the course has been completed.
  3. Driving Instructors are not required to have any dealings regarding money with their student’s. Quick Time Pass will handle all of this.


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